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February 10, 2020
by cyan22sw

Nile Dweller Journal Entry

Dear Diary, 


    My father just got back from Upper Egypt. I am very excited because he brought back many things with him. My family are craftmakers, and we trade very often, so they are not often at home. My father tells me about the things he did on his trip and the strange things he saw. And I will finally get to do those things too, because I am allowed to come with him next time! He has also told us that a guy called Menes is going to try to unite Upper and Lower Egypt. I am not sure I like that idea because my father says the Upper Egyptians aren’t that smart, but I will go there soon and find out.  My brothers are pressuring me to play now before it gets dark, so I must go.


              I just came back from dinner, and my father told us all about what he did and what things he traded for. He also told us he will be heading out to Upper Egypt in two days, and that I would be going with him! Although my siblings are telling me it will be boring, I am very excited. The trip is all I can think about now, and there is barely any ink left in the inkwell, so I have to stop writing.





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Title: the Nile Egypt Aswan

Owner: la_pet

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