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January 4, 2019
by cyan22sw

Story of Nuwa (in just 6 lines)

The pillars of the sky collapsed and flooded the earth

Sea demons emerged and ate the living

Nuwa, a goddess with the tail of a fish, came down to earth to help everyone

She slew a giant turtle and used its legs to hold up the sky

She gathered five stones of different colors

She couldn’t find one big enough for the last one so she put herself in it

December 12, 2018
by cyan22sw
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The Story of the Paper of Answers

the new king was going to marry the emperor’s daughter

he asked for the paper from the tiger’s mouth as a wedding gift

when he studied the paper he thought it was useless at first

he saw words appearing and studied them

he redirected the destructive river near his city so it helped it

he became wise and famous and his city grew and became wealthy

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